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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Welcome back! Let’s talk about forgiving today . It may be one of the hardest things in life you ever have to do . Are you ready? Do you understand what forgiveness is ? I’m sure that we‘ve all been in situations where the only way to receive closure was to forgive.

Humans rather it’s close family , a spouse or a friend have a way of doing things and expecting you to just forget and move on. They expect you to just sweep whatever the situation may be under the rug. We will act like things never happened, why do we do this? Why don’t we speak on things so that we can forgive and move on ?

This may be sort of long , but I would like to share with you a little of my story. As a lot of you may know in 2002 I went through a life altering situation that would change me forever. At only 19 , I found myself sitting in a court room with the man that gave me my second child , my beautiful baby girl . Only we weren’t sitting together, he was facing a jury and I was in the audience broken, torn, lost and confused. I was surrounded by friends and family but I was at my lowest I was alone mentally . I shaved my head, started smoking and drinking daily to drown out the thoughts, the pain the betrayal, but Let me stay on subject, Because this is another story for another time so just stay bare with me I’m giving it to you uncut and raw !!!

I was looking at a man that cold blooded murdered our child, I walked in that court room Day after day for weeks looking at him, looking at his family, knowing that the life I was living would never be the same . This man broke my spirit , stole my soul, left me hopeless and feeling worthless mentally and physically. He took away a life so precious that waking up almost felt impossible. For years I hated myself, I hated who I was , I blamed myself for my daughters death , I loss faith in my savior, I abandoned my family,I loss my self worth . I was just existing …until I learned about forgiveness.

One day I decided to talk to God, I decided to call out, I decided to write down everything that I was holding inside of me, I decided to forgive the soul that had almost cost me mines , not for him , I did it for me , I did it because I know that was the Godly thing to do . Was it easy ? Absolutely not . I cried like a baby , I asked God why me 100 times But once I was done crying and wiped my tears I asked God to remove the hate out of my heart that I carried for that man . I asked God to cleanse me of any ILL feelings , I asked him to forgive me for living in sin year after year wishing death on that man . And because of that today I am able to talk to girls about domestic violence, I am able to write about my life, and my story, I am able to love and be loved , I am able to forgive people for wronging me and trusting God will handle them on his time . I am sharing this story with you to let you know it is OK to forgive, stop holding other ppl mess in your heart and clouding your thoughts. You owe it to yourself to forgive and move on with your life so that you can live up to your potential and be the best Version of you.

I challenge you to write down a couple of things that you have been holding onto, read them a loud as many times as you need to and then take that paper and burn it . Once you’ve completed that task drop to your knees and as you forgive that person who hurt you,release and let go !!!

Love is peace and peace is love ! I hope this helps someone 💚

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