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Life's Lessons

Welcome back! Today I would like to discuss "life lessons"

From a young one ,to a child ,teenage life, adult to the elderly.

Ive experienced 3 out of the 4 thus far. Coming up life taught me lessons that would prepare me as a child. I dealt with separation, trust and abandonment issues as a early as 6 , the lesson I took from that was no matter how much love you had at home ,if it wasn't the gap you needed filled wouldn't matter. By the time I reached 10/11 life had taught me all I had was my hands and knees and when nothing else helped I knew how to pray. the lesson I took from that would take me far in life. At age 38 when I know nothing else I know to pray. Going into pre teen years life started to prepare me for this cruel world. Life taught me about bullies, life showed me addiction could make the person you needed the most stray, life showed me a friendly face meant nothing. life showed me how to survive as a teen . I went through things ppl my age wouldn't experience until further in life , I learned to "get it on my own" , I would experience my first death of someone close....... The lessons I learned as a teen were grooming me to be the woman, wife, and mother that I am today. ADULT ,as an adult I'm learning still, but im living Life with no regrets just lessons learned.

I said all this to say I can't promise life will be good to you ,but I can tell you every situation you will ever be in will come with a lesson and its up to you to figure out the message and learn from it .Life is precious, life is short, life is what you make it. live life unapologetically! Leave a positive life lesson in the comment section.


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