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It's ok

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Some days I wake up happy, some days I don't! Everyday that I wake up I'm thankful and desire to give it my all. The thing is not all of us deal or handle situations the same and that's ok . Theres so many different healthy ways to deal with stress now, you just need to figure out what works for you.

I mean lets face it, many of us aren't rich so we deal with money issues, many of us clock in day in and day out an hate where we work, some, are full time single parents!

The fact of the matter is we weren't taught proper ways to deal with the curve balls life throws us so we build anxiety, we stress out, we over eat and or lash out!

Im here to tell you IT'S OK to take your life back, its ok to ask for help, its ok to let go of unhealthy relationships ! It's ok!

Let's normalize not being ok, and taking the necessary steps to get back to a better you.

Granted everyone can't exercise or go to yoga which by the way are awesome stress relievers. You don't have an extra 10 min in the morning to log your daily goals or to just meditate, and that's ok! Or maybe you have tried these methods with no help. Its ok to go see a doctor . Take care of you mentally, physically and emotionally ,its so rewarding !

peace and love to all my readers!

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