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Feel Good Shopping

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

As a woman shopping is supposed to come natrual right? Wrong! Believe it or not all women are big on shopping, rather it’s clothing or groceries.

personally i would much rather search the web for all my wants and needs. Stores are usually crowded and over priced ! Now we have hoarder shoppers ( they don’t need but need to shop), we have our bargain shoppers (they can sniff a deal), we have emotional shoppers( bordem, bad mood, etc) . Anyway you slice it we are all shoppers .

What are somethings that you like and dislike about shopping? When I walk into a store I look for good customer service, a positively attitude, Greet me . After all I am coming to spend my money with you. Space is big for me as well , allow me to move about freely without you on my heels .

so again ladies tell me , what makes you feel good when shopping?

lenas Closet would love to know ❤️

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